Kiwisaver – Get Your Full Entitlement

Kiwisaver – Get Your Full Entitlement

We were recently advised by one of our Kiwisaver providers that in the 2009 year the average amount of Member Tax Credits received per person was $600.

Kiwisaver members are entitled to Member Tax Credits, the sum that the Government contributes, of $1,042 per year.

Therefore many have left a chunk of the benefits on the table.

We urge all members, excluding those under the age of 18, to keep an eye on their level of contributions and if you haven’t made a minimum contribution of $1,042 during the year then top up your account to get to this level. This means the government is obliged to top up their contribution to the same level.

Its about as close to free money as you can get unless you’ve developed some form of fertiliser that makes it grow on trees.

Its as easy as logging online with your bank and transferring the funds to the IRD, you’ll need your IRD number, or make a deposit at Westpac.

Get the funds in before the 30th of June. 😳

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