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Movements in Home Loan Fixed Interest Rates

ANZ Raises Fixed and Floating Rates

ANZ has today raised rates across the board except for the 6 month fixed rate.  Against a backdrop of a static 90 day bill rate and OCR they have also taken the opportunity to raise their Floating Interest Rates by 0.10%.

Interesting ANZ desribes the home loan interest rate moves as “making changes” as opposed to “raising rates”.

ASB Leads The Way With Interest Rate Rises

ASB are out today with its 2nd series of fixed interest rate rises in the past 3 weeks. The floating rate also gets a tweak up 0.10% despite the OCR cut a week ago.

3 years fixed up 0.40%

4 years fixed up 0.60%

5 years fixed up 0.50%

These are big moves over a 3 week period highlighting the benefit of staying in close touch with your broker if your not following the market yourself.

2 Year Fixed Rate Falls To 4.39%

New Reserve Bank lending requirements are being implemented at the end of the month for the Auckland investment property market. A standalone investment property in Auckland will now be limited to 70% lending. Those who want a greater level of lending can still use existing equity in another property such as the home that they are living in to obtain the other 30% if so desired.

The BNZ has introduced a 2 year fixed home loan rate of 4.39%.